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Beast (Savages and Saints Book 4)

London is everything I should stay away from. Sweet, perfect, and my best friend’s girl. She’s also pregnant with his kid. A kid who will never know its dad -- because of me.

She spends her life fixing things...and I spend mine breaking them. 

The woman has this whole messed up theory that she can heal me, but I’m not just damaged, I’m irreparably broken. And my love for her won’t just burn her this time, it could destroy us both.

Kissing Princeton Charming

Things just got royally complicated!

We have reputations for a reason.

Spencer Beckett: Princeton Charming. Ivy League Playboy. Rich AF.

Charlotte Hayes: Campus sweetheart. Virgin. Working her booty off to get through this last semester.

When a bet pushes these two together it's fire and ice ... and Charlotte is melting. Fast. But Charlotte has a chip on her shoulder. She doesn't believe that fairy tales exist in the real world.

One kiss tells her this is a bad idea.
Two kisses tells her he's too good to be true.
Three kisses and she's royally screwed.

Spencer Beckett might be everyone else's Prince Charming but can he sweep this princess off her feet?

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