It is a lot of fun to travel abroad.

It is a lot of fun to travel abroad. It is one of those pleasures to touch culture of unknown country that you do not know in Japan. One of the familiar countries for overseas travel, Japan is Korea. In some cases, you can make it cheaper for traveling overseas than traveling in Japan such as Hokkaido and Okinawa. I used to travel to Korea often with acquaintance familiar with Korea before. It is not a big city like Seoul or Busan, but only local cities. People's cities have more human taste than local cities. Moreover, it is a thing to see over the unique dish of that land. The taste of the dishes is quite painful, but I am very happy that I could taste the heart I feel like losing in Japan. There are also occasions when you drink alcohol together at a pub, and sometimes you play soccer etc together. Language is a one word, but it does not matter if feelings are conveyed.

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