I went to watch the Germany Germany World Cup local.

I went to watch the Germany Germany World Cup local. Unfortunately the Japanese delegation lost, but I enjoyed it because it was the first European trip. By the way, it is ""castle"" ""sausage"" and ""beer"" when speaking of Germany. I was surprised about the beer. I went to a restaurant to eat lunch, but every time at any table everyone is drinking beer as usual. I understand it in the evening, but it is from the daytime. It seems that we drink wine according to taste water in France, so it seems that it is in Germany as well. People who drink beer from daytime in Japan feel like they are skimming their jobs, and it is not taken ethically well. But there seems to be different there, rather we felt abnormal than we did not drink beer. The Germans were the same as the Japanese, they were silent and serious national character, but I felt it was completely different from Japanese in terms of enjoying life. It is not exaggeration to say that it is a different culture, but after all the values ??change as the country changes.

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